New Jersey: Appalachian Mountains, Delaware Water Gap

Publication Year: 1952.

New Jersey: Appalachian Mountains, Delaware Water Gap. On 20 October 1951 Mary Ann Weborg, 17, of Newark, New Jersey, accompanied five Union Junior College Students and an instructor on a geology field trip in this area. The students were all girls. During the course of the trip, the party undertook the ascent of a cliff about one-half mile north of the Indian Face. According to the account, Miss Weborg was leading the ascent as she was an experienced climber and had scaled the same cliff before. She had almost reached the top of the cliff when one of her feet slipped, causing her to fall 200 feet to her death.

Source of information: newspaper account.

Analysis. Interpretations based entirely upon newspaper accounts often must be made somewhat tentatively, but it is obvious that this party should not have been allowed to venture into a position of such exposure that a slip of one’s foot would result in almost certain death.