Alberta, Mt. Paul, Maligne Lake

Publication Year: 1951.

Alberta: Mt. Paul, Maligne Lake. On 28 July 1950 two parties of the Alpine Club of Canada's summer outing crossed the lake from their campsite by boat in order to reach Mt. Paul for some practice rock climbing. In moving from the lower boulders to the practice pitch, the leader was pulled off by an unexpected slip of a person on his rope. As he fell, he struck another member of the party standing below him, who consequently suffered head injuries. The leader received a broken pelvis. The second party rendered what first aid was possible and then went across the lake for help. The subsequent trip out to Jasper involved two separate boat and automobile rides to cover a distance of approximately 50 miles.

Source of information: the November 1950 Gazette of the Alpine Club of Canada.

Analysis. Insufficient information to warrant analysis. However, the case does illustrate once again the danger of a member of a party standing directly beneath a climbing leader. (See analysis of the accident on the Dent du Géant in the 1950 report of the safety committee.)