Wyoming, Teton Range

Publication Year: 1951.

Wyoming: (1) Teton Range. At noon on 19 July 1950, a party of four was returning from the Teton Glacier by the normal route. This requires crossing a steep slope on the north side of Disappointment Peak This was largely covered by hard packed snow. Marilyn Nyquist slipped on the snow and crashed into the rocks about 250 feet below. She suffered a mild concussion, lacerations, bruises and contusions. The accident might easily have been fatal. Her companions got her back up the slope and to Amphitheater Lake, and by horse to the valley

Source of information: National Park rangers.

Analysis. This is a typical case of hikers being unaware of the dangers of steep snow. Anything that can be done to warn hikers about dangers in the mountains, slipping on snow in particular, will help to prevent such accidents. Since the scene of the above accident is the one real danger spot on a well-travelled route, a warning sign at this spot is in order.

One aspect which might normally not be considered is mentioned in passing here. Because of the increased danger of tetanus in areas frequented by animals, in this case horses, extra care should always be taken when treating wounds of the closed or puncture type.