Colorado: Devil's Head, near Deckers

Publication Year: 1950.

Colorado: Devil’s Head, near Deckers. On 27 September 1949 James L. Naudack (18) was climbing over the rocky surface of this small mountain and attempted to jump a crevice. Failing to make it, he slid 15 feet down the face of the boulder formation until his left foot jammed securely between two rocks and held him. He could not free himself and could not be reached. He was finally rescued 12 hours later by members of the Denver Red Cross Disaster Squad and of the Lowry Field air search rescue team. They lowered a rope which Naudack attached to himself. Thus secured, he pulled his foot free from the shoe, which remained fast. After this he was lowered to the ground.

Source of information: newspaper reports.

Analysis. Another accident to an inexperienced youngster scrambling about over rugged mountain country. This accident could have happened to anyone, but it does show that, before attempting to jump across an abyss, one should give a good look.