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Tetons, Wyoming: (2) Nez Perce

Tetons, Wyoming: (2) Nez Perce. Facts concerning another accident on Nez Perce are obscure. A rock dislodged by a climber above nearly severed a finger of a woman below. No special evacuation was necessary: the injured woman was helped down the mountain by her own party.

Source of information: conversation with individuals in the Tetons at the time of the accident.

Analysis. The data are so sparse that no complete analysis can be made. It can be said again, however, that leaders and others are responsible for those climbing below them, and that everyone must be extremely careful on loose rock. The excellence of the rock on many of the peaks in the Tetons should not be taken as eliminating the need for caution on others where the rock is more broken, e.g. on the upper slopes of Nez Perce.