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Safety Programs, Middle West

Middle West. The Safety Committee of the Iowa Mountaineers reports that a clearly defined program was adopted in January 1949. Jointly with the State University of Iowa, the club is sponsoring a course in “Outings and Mountaineering” (two hours a week, for credit), with lectures and demonstrations supplemented by week-end practice climbing. In April 18 members completed an advanced Red Cross course which stressed particularly the problems of mountaineers and skiers. The club intends to schedule a greater number of outings for practice climbs, and to sponsor a “school of mountaineering” on the annual summer outing. All leaders and guides on club outings must be approved by the Safety Committee.

The Chicago Mountaineering Club held a special meeting on 1 October 1948 to discuss safety and training. Six classes were held between that date and the end of May 1949.