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Teton Range, Wyoming: (1) Symmetry Spire, St. John Massif

Teton Range, Wyoming: (1) Symmetry Spire, St. John Massif. In mid-June 1947, a climber, Hans Breu, was attempting one of the cliffs in this district with a companion, George Senner. Breu decided to climb a more difficult pitch than his companion felt qualified to attempt, so he went up it alone. A slip occurred, and the more ambitious climber fell 100 feet into a scrub fir growing flat on the slope below, which probably saved his life but left him with a chipped ankle. After Senner had notified park authorities, a rescue party brought the injured man down in a stretcher.

Source of information: National Park Service and members of rescue expedition.

Analysis. This is another story of an unroped climber. Details are so sparse that only general conclusions can be drawn.