A.A.C., Alaska Section

Publication Year: 2012.

Alaska Section. The summer of 2011 saw the completion of the AAC’s newest hut, the Snowbird, located in the Hatcher Pass area of the Talkeetna Mountains about 50 miles north of Anchorage. The Section launched the Snowbird Hut project in 2005, when the original hut and land lease were purchased. Numerous fundraisers and private donations created a fund that enabled the start of construction in 2010. The hut structure was framed just in time for the winter snows, thanks to countless volunteer hours and numerous work parties led by Harry Hunt, James Brady, and “Hut Mistress” Cindy Squire. Finally, after more fundraising and work parties, 14 supporters hiked in for the official dedication of the completed Snowbird Hut on August 20. For current information, visit the AAC Web site and snowbird.com.

Harry Hunt and James Brady, Co-chairs

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