South America, Argentina, Northern Andes, Puna de Atacama, Cordon de los Pioneros, Pico Bicentenario (6,092m)

Publication Year: 2012.

Cordon de los Pioneros, Pico Bicentenario (6,092m). In November 2010 Guillermo Almaraz, Lelio de Crocci, Eduardo Namur, Juan Labra, Daniel Pontin, and Claudio Valva (Argentina) made the first ascent of Peak 6,092m in the northern part of the Cordon de los Pioneros, a small, isolated range of barren, unexplored volcanoes between the higher summits of Pissis (6,795m) and Bonete (6,759m). They set up base camp at 5,100m and on the 7th climbed the southwest spur to a col south of the summit and continued up the south ridge to its top. As this expedition took place during the Argentinean Bicentennial, they named the peak Pico Bicentenario (27°55'16.2" S, 68°45'12.2" W).

Marcelo Scanu, Argentina