South America, Chile, Northern Patagonia, Cochamo, Cerro Trinidad Central, La ArgenTrinidad

Publication Year: 2012.

Cerro Trinidad Central, La ArgenTrinidad. In early January 2012 Jose Bonacalza, Sasha Gal, Ezequiel Manoni, Pablo Pontoriero, and I left Bariloche with a four-day good weather window. Our objective was a new route on Cerro Trinidad. To be efficient we divided into two groups. While one team climbed, the other carried loads and food to a camp at the base of the wall. The team that climbed would then go down to the refuge an hour away, to recharge power- drill batteries, sleep, pick up more equipment, and return to the base of the wall early in the morning Dividing the work, we made good progress in those short four days and put up a very good line left of Dutch Corner. We named our route ArgenTrinidad (550m of climbing, 12 pitches, followed by 100m of II/III to the summit, 7a/5.11c).

Luciano Fiorenza, Argentina, translated by Rolando Garibotti