Asia, India, Eastern Garhwal, Nanda Khat (6,611m), East Spur and North Ridge

Climb Year: N/A. Publication Year: 2011.

Nanda Khat (6,611m), east spur and north ridge. Situated immediately west of Traill’s Pass, Nanda Khat has been a much-attempted peak, though few have reached the main summit. In premonsoon, a team of seven male and five female climbers, organized by the Indian Mountaineering Foundation and led by Anil Ghurtoo, established base camp on the Pindari Glacier at 4,482m. The team then ascended north to the vicinity of Traill’s Pass, and after establishing two high camps, Bharat Bhushan, Dhruv Joshi, Takpa Norbu, and Cheten Pandey reached the summit via a partial new route up the east spur to the north summit, then back along the sharp north-northeast ridge to main summit. The date was June 22, and the final ascent made in a 22-hour roundtrip from their highest camp. They employed no high-altitude support.

Harish Kapadia, AAC Honorary Member, India

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