Asia, India, Western Garhwal, Gangotri, Vasuki Parbat (6,792m), West Face

Publication Year: 2011.

Gangotri, Vasuki Parbat (6,792m), west face. Attempted once before, by Mick Fowler and Paul Ramsden, the 1,600m west face of the rarely-visited Vasuki Parbat gives sustained mixed difficulties of Scottish VI, 7 (or approximately M6). British alpinists Malcolm Bass and Paul Figg reached the summit ridge after nine days on the face, and traversed the serpentine crest over the top and down the northwest ridge, returning to base camp in a round trip of 10 days. There are only two previous claimed ascents of this mountain, but the first does not seem to be recognized by Indian authorities. For details, see Bass’s feature article in this Journal.