Asia, India, Ladakh, Gulmatonga Valley, Rock Climbing

Climb Year: N/A. Publication Year: 2011.

Gulmatonga Valley, rock climbing. The branch valleys that rise south of the Zanskar road to Padam over the Pensi La hold many possible rock-climbing objectives. These small valleys offer potentially good climbing without the need for much bureaucracy or advanced planning. The large Shafat Valley, leading to Nun and Kun, is one, and its rock-climbing potential has been explored during the last 10 years by Italians and Americans. Another is the shorter Gulmatonga valley across the Suru River from the check post at Gulmatonga. Here are a variety of possible rock climbs. A team of young American rock climbers, led by Rushad Nanavatty, spent an enjoyable three weeks here in the summer, climbing challenging routes.

Harish Kapadia, AAC Honorary Member, India

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