Aconcagua (6,962m), 2010–2011 overview

South America, Argentina and Chile, Central Andes
Author: Marcelo Scanu, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Climb Year: 2010. Publication Year: 2011.

This season fewer people visited Aconcagua and the weather was bad, with many days of snowfall. Unfortunately, there were six casualties (only one climber died last year). There were 197 rescues (46 of them complex), which is a decrease from recent years. The cost of rescue operations, however, has gone up, specifically due to the use of helicopters, and the climbing fee has increased. The cleaning of the park was completed and two new huts were constructed, one at 3,800m in the Quebrada de las Vacas and another at 6,000m. On another positive note, more climbers and trekkers are accessing the mountain by the Quebrada de las Vacas, leaving the Plaza de Mulas and the normal route less crowded.

Of 2,800 trekkers and 3,498 climbers, 85% were non-Argentinian. Compared to last season, this was 600 fewer trekkers and 300 fewer climbers. On February 3, Peruvian guide Holmes Pantoja Bayona broke Aconcagua’s speed record, going from Laguna Horcones (2,850m) to the summit in 13 hours, and round-trip in 20:35.