Monte Roraima, Behind the Rainbow

South America, Venezuela
Author: Stefan Glowacz. Climb Year: N/A. Publication Year: 2011.

You can still sense the excitement in Stefan Glowacz’s voice. During a short phone call last week, the adrenaline in his blood has not calmed down yet and neither has the joy in his voice! Together with his climbing partner Holger Heuber, the pro climber has reached his great goal of conquering a new route, the La Proa wall, located at the Roraima Tepui in Venezuela.

Stefan Glowacz felt the pressure on this expedition. He and Heuber had to reach their goal without their friend, Kurt Albert, who died in a climbing accident earlier this year. Overwhelmed by grief over the loss of Kurt and also aware of the failure on their first attempt in spring 2010, they came prepared this time with a film team and enormous desire to complete the route.

Now the pressure has released. In December, he and Heuber reached their goal. Their prize was their success in establishing Behind the Rainbow. Glowacz and Heuber climbed more than 16 pitches between the 9th and 10th degree of difficulty; which equals 8b on the French scale.

“Behind the Rainbow is the perfect route for me! The higher you get the more difficult it becomes and each pitch has its very own characteristics. The backdrop and scenery you’re in is impressive. This adventure was one of a kind for me!” said Stefan Glowacz with an emotional tone in his voice, right after he had touched ground again.

Press release provided by Take One for Stefan Glowacz, Germany, AAC

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