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Publication Year: 2011.

Denali National Park and Preserve, summary. In 2010, notable new routes and rapid repeats continued [see below], as did the inevitable rescues and tragedies. Thirty-five climbers were stricken with injuries or illnesses that required medical intervention by NPS rangers and volunteers, with cases ranging from climbing falls and altitude sickness to kidney stones and mental instability. Two climbers died in falls on Mt. McKinley (one each on the Cassin Ridge and West Buttress), and an avalanche in the Ruth Gorge killed two climbers.

Nancy Hansen, Felix Camire, and Doug Fulford were selected as the 2010 Mislow-Swanson Denali Pro Award winners for their assistance with a rescue and for helping a distressed solo climber.

Quick Statistics—Mt. McKinley and Mt. Foraker:

- Mt. McKinley: Average trip length: 17.5 days. Busiest summit day: June 20, with 54 summits. Average age: 38. Women constituted 12.3% of all climbers.

- The five most represented nations on Mt. McKinley were: U.S. (673 climbers), U.K. (62), Canada (52), Poland (39), and Russia (36).

- McKinley was attempted by 1,222 climbers, with 55% reaching the summit; 1,135 attempted the West Buttress, with 56% summiting. Nine climbers attempted Mt. Foraker, with five summiting.

- The complete Mountaineering Summary can be found at summaryreports. htm.

Summarized from the Denali National Park & Preserve Annual Mountaineering Summary