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Nyanchen Tanglha East and Kangri Garpo Ranges, Exploration

Asia, Tibet

  • Climbs And Expeditions
  • Author: Tamotsu Nakamura
  • Climb Year: 2009
  • Publication Year: 2010

Tsuyoshi Nagai, Tadao Shintani, and I returned from Tibet in November, after five weeks and 4,800km of travel. Accompanied by Zhang Jiyue of Sichuan Earth Expeditions, we had been exploring unknown peaks and glaciers in the Nyanchen Tanglha East and Kangri Garpo. The trip was not only satisfactory but enchanting, in spite of strict control of foreigners entering prohibited areas off the main road—the Sichuan-Tibet Highway—by the Public Security Bureau. Our Tibetan guide was most capable and helpful in negotiating with PSB officials. Blue sky welcomed us wherever we went, and I was fortunate enough to bring back plenty of photos of new peaks and glaciers, news, and stories. We explored three unfrequented valleys in Nyanchen Tanglha East and one in Kangri Garpo West. Two of them were unknown to foreigners since the early 20th century, and in one we were the first foreign visitors. Specifically, the areas we visited were Aigagong Glacier in the Niwu Qu of the upper Yi’gong Tsangpo; Lake Jambo Tso and Maraipo Glacier in Jingling District; Yuri North Glacier in the Botoi Tsangpo, north of Bomi; and Dongchu Tsangpo southwest of Songzong. The first three lie in the Nyanchen Tanglha, while the fourth, in the area with no previous foreign visit, is situated east of Namcha Barwa in the Kangri Garpo.

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