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Jobo Rinjang (6,778m), Ascent and Nomenclature

In April David Gottlieb and Joe Puryear made the first ascent of Jobo Rinjang, by the 1,700m south face. They were not aware the peak had been attempted [by Stéphane Schaffter’s expedition; see above] until they arrived at the Ministry to collect their permit, nor did they see any fixed rope on the mountain; apart from a few cairns, there was little trace of anyone having been close to the peak. However, they also settled on Lunag as the most appropriate name for the group, and propose that the highest summit, which lies at the southern end of the chain, be named Lunag I (6,895m) and the summits farther north Lunag II (6,891m), III (6,795m), IV (6,781m, the old Jobo Ribjang), and V (6,550m). Peak 6,492m, west of Lunag I, they designate Little Lunag. Running east from Lunag I is a 2km corniced snow/ice crest, ending in the fine pyramid of Peak 6,778m, Jobo Rinjang. Puryear’s account of his excellent alpine-style ascent appears earlier in the Journal.