Lunag Massif, Nomenclature

Asia, Nepal, Rolwaling Himal
Author: Lindsay Griffin, Stephane Schaffter. Climb Year: N/A. Publication Year: 2010.

A massif of high peaks, which forms the Nepal-Tibet border southwest of the Nangpa La, is generally unnamed on maps, although one of the northerly summits, 6,781m, is sometimes referred to as Jobo Rinjang (also Ribjang or Rabzang) and on the outdated HMG-MT map was marked with an altitude of 6,666m. In 2002 it was brought onto the permitted list of mountaineering peaks by the Nepalese government. Given that the nearest village and the glacier on the south side of the group are both named Lunag, it seems sensible to refer to the peaks as the Lunag Massif. In 2004 Stéphane Schaffter asked the Ministry to open this massif and agreed on the name Lunag Ri. In 2008 he received permission from the Ministry to attempt Peak 6,778m, the fine pyramid at the end of the 2km-long corniced snow and ice crest running east from Lunag’s main summit and forming the cornerstone of the Lunag and Nangpa glaciers; the permit was issued with the name Jobo Rinjang and a height of 6,666m.

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