Europe, Norway, Loften, Moskenesoya Island, Helvetestind, Thirst in the Clouds

Publication Year: 2010.

Moskenesoya Island, Helvetestind, Thirst in the Clouds. During the summer Alexey Orudzhev, Alexander Shamakov, and Andrey Varvarkin from Russia made the first ascent of Thirst in the Clouds on the central section of the main face of Helvetestind, located in the southern part of the island. Their ascent completes a line attempted by Finn Jensen and Arild Meyer in 1984 or ‘85. The Norwegians bailed on their ninth pitch, a thin wet crack, after persisting August rain. Their high point matches the Russian’s pitch 13. Arild returned the following year with Anne Fyhn but found the route too vegetated for a serious attempt. As far as they got Finn and Arild found the route neither difficult nor serious; the 14 bolts placed by the Russians must be questioned.

Marten Blixt, Alpinklatring, Norway