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Asia, China, Daxue Shan, Exploration

Daxue Shan, exploration. After his travels in southeast Tibet, Tamotsu Nakamura traveled to the Daxue Shan to inspect an unclimbed 6,000er south of the Minya Konka Range. On the way he photographed the Lamo-she massif southeast of Kangding (Lamo-She, 6,070m; Baihaizi Shan, 5924m). In fact until last year there were no records of any exploration in the Lamo-she region nor photos of an unclimbed and unnamed 6,079m peak at N 29°18' E 101°25'. Nakamura suggests the name Ren Zhong Feng, as it lies in the valley north of Ren Zhong Lake. It remains one of the few unclimbed 6,000m peaks in Sichuan.

The Japanese explorer also traveled to the northern part of the Daxue Shan to photograph the fine unclimbed pyramid of Xiaqian- la (5,470m) northwest of Dangba. Access to various peaks including Xiaruduo, Xiannairi, and neighboring Yangmaiyong is strictly controlled by the Deocheng County Government; for environmental reasons they are unlikely to grant a permit at this time.

1A collection of images of these fascinating mountains, some of which are reproduced here, appear in Alpine Briefs Issue 2-January 2009

From notes provided by Tamotsu Nakamura, Editor, Japanese Alpine News