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Asia, Nepal, Kanjiroba Hima, Peak ca 5,900m

Peak ca 5,900m. Goetz Wiegland led a six-member German team to attempt Norbu Kang (6,005m), a peak added to the permitted list in 2002 and first climbed a year later by Tamotsu Ohnishi’s Japanese expedition, by the north face from a col west of the summit. The Germans approached from the Juphal airport, via the Tarap Khola Valley to Dho, northeast of the mountain. They tried to approach Norbu Kang from a valley to its east but were told by local people that passage was blocked by landslides. They retreated to Dho, trekked northwest to Tokyu, and moved south up a valley to camp at 5,200m. Next day, July 6, Sabine Langer, Bernd Voigtlaen- der, and Wiegland walked a short distance to what they believed to be Norbu Kang and climbed the northeast face to 5,600m, where they moved left to gain the east ridge, following the crest to the summit. However, from the summit they saw, 4-5km to the south, a mountain that was 100-150m higher. They believe that this was Norbu Kang and that their summit was ca 5,900m in height. They descended the east ridge to their camp but had no time to attempt the other mountain.

Lindsay Griffin, Mountain INFO, Elizabeth Hawley, AAC Honorary Member, Nepal, and

Richard Salisbury, The Himalayan Database