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Asia, India, Himachal Pradesh, Miyar Valley, Three Peaks Mountain, Southwest Face, Attempt

Three Peaks Mountain, southwest face, attempt. Six young Koreans led by Lee Jae-yong attempted a new route on Three Peaks Mountain/Mahindra. By September 10 they had established Camp 2 on the upper Dali Glacier below the peak, hoping to make a completely free ascent of the southwest face of the central summit. Accompanying them was filmmaker Lim Il-jin, who was awarded a special prize at the 2008 Trento Film Festival. The proposed line was a direct approach to the upper section of the 2007 Sharratt-Wilkinson route, Ashoka Pillar, following the prominent black streaks on the smooth wall well right of Ashoka Pillar’s lower section. However, the weather was so bad that Cho Kyung-ah could only climb two pitches, through the arch (5.10a and 5.11b).

Christine Pae, Director Korean Alpine Federation