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Asia, India, East Karakoram, Plateau Peak, Attempt

Plateau Peak, attempt. The Indian Mountaineering Foundation (IMF) organized an 11-member expedition, 0led by Wing Commander N. K. Dahiya, to attempt the virgin 7,287m Plateau Peak southwest of Saser Kangri I. The team approached from Panamik in the Nubra Valley and on July 26 established base camp on the Phukpoche Glacier at 3,950m. Members had to ferry loads between the roadhead and advanced base camp at 4,875m, as few porters were available. After climbing the southwest slopes to the west ridge of Plateau Peak, the team set Camp 1 on the crest at 5,650m. They continued up the ridge, fixing rope, to place Camp 2 at 6,400m. From there, they planned to make a summit attempt but first fixed their remaining 1,100m of rope on the crest above. This proved insufficient, so they added another seven climbing ropes. They reached a high point of 6,900m on August 3, but bad weather and unconsolidated snow forced retreat.

Harish Kapadia, Honorary Editor, The Himalayan Journal