North America, Greenland, East Coast, Thor's Land, Discovery Wall, Nougatocity

Publication Year: 2009.

Thor’s Land, Discovery Wall, Nougatocity. Josh Helling and I traveled by local boat 350+km south down the east coast of Greenland to a remote fjord in Thor’s Land. This area has numerous fjords, with walls, towers, and unique granite formations that would make any climber drool. It was my third time to this area, and my fifth in East Greenland. We spotted a beautiful system of cracks on one of the walls and were dropped off below it. After enduring windstorms that destroyed our base camp tent, we made our way through the rain, shuttled loads up 300m of steep talus, and fixed several pitches. We spent five days working on the wall, climbing 11 pitches, half of which followed cracks as good as any in Yosemite. We named the feature Discovery Wall, and the route Nougatocity (600m of climbing, VI 5.11 A3+). This was my fifth new route in Greenland, and my article about these experiences appears earlier in the Journal.

Mike Libecki, AAC