American Alpine Club Grants

Publication Year: 2008.

The American Alpine Club provides resources for climbers and explorers to attempt new challenges, conduct scientific research, and conserve mountain environments. The AAC awards nearly $40,000 annually, although the size and number of awards vary from year to year. In 2007, the McNeill-Nott Award was created in honor of Karen McNeill and Sue Nott; the award is cosponsored by Mountain Hardwear. For more information on all the grant programs, please visit

Grant recipients’ original objectives for 2007 are reported below; in some cases, they may have decided to attempt other objectives. Expeditions labeled with an asterisk (*) are reported in this Journal.


Jonny Copp and Micah Dash, Boulder, Colorado*

Unclimbed Shafat Fortress in the Zanskar

Mountains of India


Scott DeCapio, Estes Park, Colorado*

Attempt on K7 West in Pakistan $2,750

Samuel Johnson, Anchorage, Alaska*

Big-wall route on unclimbed “Latok II ¾” in Pakistan $1,000

Cory Richards, Canmore, Alberta

Southeast face of Huantsán in Peru $1,500

Dave Turner, Sacramento, California*

Solo attempt on new big-wall route on Cerro Escudo, Chile $1,000

Josh Wharton, Rifle, Colorado*

Colin Haley, Mercer Island, Washington

New route on Cerro Torre, Patagonia $400

North ridge of Latok I in Pakistan $2,750


Jessica Drees, Seattle, Washington*

New routes in Fox Jaw Cirque, Greenland $3,000

Joseph Puryear, Leavenworth, Washington*

New route on Mt. Siguniang in China $1,500

Jonathan Sullivan, Castle Rock, Colorado*

Unclimbed 5,000-meter-plus peaks in China $1,500


Michael Bromberg, Crested Butte, Colorado*

New routes and ski descents near the “Backside Glacier” in Alaska $400

Kyle Dempster, Salt Lake City, Utah*

Big-wall climb in the Gran Sabana area of Venezuela

$800 (REI Challenge Fund)

Jessica Drees, Seattle, Washington*

New rock routes in southeastern Greenland $800

Benjamin Venter, Truckee, California

Climbs in Patagonia $800

Erin Whorton, Seattle, Washington*

New rock routes in southeastern Greenland $800


Brad Cabot, Seattle, Washington*

Unclimbed peaks in western Greenland $850 (REI Challenge Fund)

Ian Nicholson, Seattle, Washington*

New route on the Blade in British Columbia’s

Waddington Range

$800 (John R. Hudson Fund)

Matt Othmer, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania*

East face of Cerro Aratiyope in Venezuela $850 (John R. Hudson and Rick Mosher funds)

Althea Rogers, Troy, New York*

Unclimbed peaks in western Greenland $850 (REI Challenge Fund)

Kelly Ryan, Port Potter Valley, California*

Unclimbed peaks in western Greenland $850

Eli Stein, Los Angeles, California

Youth meet in Dolomites of Italy $340


Fabrizio Zangrilli, Boulder, Colorado

Attempt on a new route on K2 and work on a new girls’ school in Khane, Pakistan $1,765


The Arthur K. Gilkey Memorial Research Fund, the William Putnam Research Fund, and the Bedayn Research Fund

Teresa Chuang, Berkeley, California

Shifts in species ranges as a result of climate change $1,500

Julie Crawford, Mancos, Colorado

Continuing work on the Global Observation Research Initiative in Alpine Environments (GLORIA)


Jennifer Geib, Columbia, Missouri

How alpine plants’ pollination “niche breadth” may affect their response to pollinator density $1,000

Jeanette Hagan, Santa Barbara, California

Evolution of the central Sierra Nevada frontal fault zone $1,000

Timothy Jang, Sylmar, California

Injury and treatment patterns of Southern

California climbers


Phillip Keating, Bloomington, Indiana

Mapping high-elevation polyepis forests in Cayambe-Coca Ecological Reserve in northeastern Ecuador $750

Stephen Matter, Cincinnati, Ohio

Rate of tree-line rise on Jumpingpound Ridge in Alberta, Canada $1,000

Ryan McKeon, Bozeman, Montana

Relationship between Quaternary glaciation and modern topology in the San Juan Mountains of southwestern Colorado; implications for an arid “glacial buzz saw” $1,000

Erich Pietzsch, Bozeman, Montana

Wet slab avalanches in Glacier National Park,



Jeremy Shakun, Corvallis, Oregon

Developing a cosmogenic chronology of tropical glaciation in the Peruvian Andes $750

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