Asia, Pakistan, Charakusa Valley, Jikji (6,235m)

Publication Year: 2008.

Jikji (6,235m). In July and August a Korean expedition made the possible first ascent of a 6,235m peak they called Jikji, above the South Charakusa Glacier. This peak is connected to Drifika (6,447m) by a long ridge extending to the south, and is just south of Poro Peak (6,187m), which was climbed in 1988 by a British expedition. It is hidden by the bulk of Poro from the Charakusa Valley. The Koreans appear to have climbed the long south ridge of Jikji with three camps. The name Jikji is from the oldest book printed with metal type in existence, made in 1377 in Korea.

Dougald MacDonald