Asia, Pakistan, Karakoram, Hispar Muztagh, Pumari Chhish South, First Ascent

Publication Year: 2008.

Pumari Chhish South, first ascent. On their third attempt over two years (2003 and 2007), Yannick Graziani and Christian Trommsdorff completed the first ascent of Pumari Chhish South (7,350m) over six days in June. The two men climbed the 2,700m south face alpine-style, with four bivouacs. Technical difficulties were concentrated between 6,400m and 7,000m, with sustained rock, mixed, and ice climbing up to 5.10-and M6; one 15m crack was aided. Graziani and Trommsdorff summited at noon on June 12; they descended over the next day and a half. Trommsdorff’s full account of this climb may be found earlier in this Journal.