Asia, Nepal, Damodar Himal, Pt. 6,190m and Pt. ca 5,745m, First Ascents

Publication Year: 2007.

Pt. 6,190m and Pt. ca 5,754m, first ascents. Two members of the Kumamoto section of the Japanese Alpine Club, Koichi Kato and Makiji Kiso, made a reconnaissance of Yakawa Kang (6,482m), the peak immediately north of the Thorang La and first officially opened in 2003. The expedition lasted from October 15 through November 14, in which time they made first ascents of two nameless peaks. After descending east from the Thorang La to Manang, the team trekked to Nargaon and then north up the Labse Khola to near its head south of the Damodar Himal. Base camp was established at 4,800m at the point where the trail to the 5,595m Teri La leaves the main valley. On October 27, after having made Camp 1 at 5,400m near the headwaters of the Labse Khola, Kato with the expedition sirdar, Hari Bahadur, climbed Pt. 6,190m in the southwestern Damodar, approaching from the east. This peak may have the name of Wata.

On the 30th, again from the 4,800m base camp via a Camp 1 at 5,365m below the Teri La, Bahadur, Kato, Kiso, and a Sherpa, Rames, stood on top Pt. 5,754m (GPS measurement). This peak lies on the ridge a short distance south of the Teri La and on the northern flanks of the Putrung (a.k.a Purbung) Himal. The team turned south just before reaching the La and climbed the unnamed peak directly.

Tamotsu Nakamura, Japanese Alpine News