North America, Greenland, East Coast, Gunnbjornsfjeld Region, First Ascents

Publication Year: 2007.

Gunnbjornsfield region first ascents. A Royal Navy expedition comprising Tim Brookes, Guy Buckingham, Belinda Fear, A1 Grieg, Derek Scott, and Barrie Whitehead traveled 160km and climbed 14 peaks in the Watkins Mountains. These included Greenland’s highest, Gunnb- jornsfjeld (3,694m); Cone (a.k.a. Qaqqag Johnson, 3,669m) the third highest; and the seventh highest (possibly Deception Dome, 3526m), as well as four previously unclimbed peaks of ca 3,000m. Ascents of the third and seventh highest mountains were believed to be by new routes. The team spent three weeks in the region and reports temperatures down to -47°C.

Lindsay Griffin, Mountain INFO Editor, CLIMB Magazine