North America, Greenland, East Coast, West of Knud Rasmussen Land, First Ascents

Publication Year: 2007.

West of Knud Rasmussen Land, first ascents. A Brathay Exploration Group (U.K.) expedition, comprising Peter Clutton-Brock, Miles Doughty, Anna Griffith, Gavin Henderson, Thomas Moorcroft, Andrew and James Watson, and Paul Williams (leader), climbed five peaks in a previously unvisited area of East Greenland well inland from Knud Rasmussen Land. Peak altitudes ranged from 1,950m to 2,350m. Difficulties ranged from Alpine F to D; they ascended two peaks on skis, Because temperatures were as high as +19°C and on occasion never dipped below freezing at night, the snow pack never properly consolidated. The team had a secondary aim of lichen research, and sent samples collected from rocky outcrops to world authorities at the University of Copenhagen. The expedition was on the ice cap from July 17 to August 7, losing five days to bad weather.

Lindsay Griffin, Mountain INFO Editor, CLIMB Magazine