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India, Himachal Pradesh, Sikkim, Northern Sikkim, Kangchengyao (6,889m), Ascent from North

Northern Sikkim, Kangchengyao (6,889m), ascent from north. It is reported that a 14-member team from the Black Cat Division of the Indian Army made a rare ascent of this high peak in northern Sikkim. While the south side of this mountain is very formidable, the north presents relatively straightforward snow slopes, but being close to the Tibetan border and in an area of strategic importance, is only accessible to the Indian military. The team reached the summit on October 11. The first undisputed ascent of Kangchengyao was made in 1982 by an Indian Army expedition under Vijay Singh. However, the noted British explorer Alexander Kellas nearly climbed it in 1912, when he reached the lower east summit from the north.

Lindsay Griffin, Mountain INFO, CLIMB Magazine