South America, Argentina and Chile, Southern Patagonia, Argentina, Chalten Massif, Cerro Torre, El Arca de los Vientos

Publication Year: 2006.

Cerro Torre, El Area de los Vientos. On November 12 and 13, Alessandro Beltrami, Rolando Garibotti, and Ermanno Salvaterra became the first to climb Cerro Torre from the north. Their route, El Arca de los Vientos (1,200m, 37 pitches, VI 5.11 A1 90°), starts with the Bragg-Donini- Wilson (1977) Torre Egger line on the lower east face to the Col of Conquest, then moves onto the northwest face, and then the north face to the west ridge to the summit. See Salvaterra’s feature article on their historic climb, earlier in this Journal.