Asia, Nepal, Khumbu Region, Rolwaling Himal, Langmoche Ri (6,811m), Attempt

Publication Year: 2005.

Langmoche Ri (6,811m), attempt. Langmoche Ri lies northwest of the Khumbu village of Thami. Two Americans, William (“Rusty”) Escapule and Tom Togami, first went to acclimatize on nearby Parchermo. There had been heavy snowfall for two days just before they got there, and the day after their arrival a huge avalanche swept nine people—three Americans, three Frenchmen and three Nepalis—down its north face. Escapule and Togami joined in the strenuous rescue effort. They were now very tired when they went to look at Langmoche Ri, and besides, the snow conditions were too dangerous to try for the summit. They made no attempt to go above base camp, but it is a “beautiful mountain, a great mountain to climb.”

Elizabeth Hawley, AAC Honorary Member, Nepal