Asia, India, Chandra Bhaga Range, CB-14 (6,078m), Plane Wreckage Found

Publication Year: 2005.

CB-14 (6,078m), plane wreckage found. An Indian (Bengal) team led by Anal Das climbed this peak on 19th of August. Summit climbers were Swaraj Ghosh, Ajoy Mondai, Subrata Banerjee, Sanjay Ghosh, Moloy Mukherjee, and Arindam Mukherjee with three high altitude porters. They made a rare ascent of the west ridge to the summit. On their approach to the mountain this large team comprising of 14 members located the wreckage of a plane, which had crashed here in 1968. They reported the matter to the nearest authorities and in a large recovery effort many parts of the plane were brought back and a major mystery was thus solved.

Harish Kapadia, Honorary Editor, The Himalayan Journal