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Vidin Heights, Melnik Peak, Melnik Ridge, first ascent. Miziya Peak (604m: 62°36'06.4" S, 60°09'11.2" W) is the main summit of Vidin Heights, a cluster of peaks, nunataks, and hills extending eight km in the northeast extremity of Livingston Island. Miziya was climbed for the first time by Lyubomir Ivanov during the Bulgarian survey expedition. The ascent started from the bivouac at Leslie Hill, set up after man-sledding 10 km north from the survey base camp Academia on the upper Huron Glacier, by way of Wörner Gap and then crossing Bowles Ridge and upper Kaliakra Glacier. Miziya Peak was climbed on December 25, 2004. The route of ascent went five km from Leslie Hill via Leslie Gap to a 481m peak and 453m knoll in the southwest extremity of Vidin Heights. From here Miziya itself was gained. The peak is completely glaciated, with a precipitous east slope overlooking Kaliakra Glacier, and a gentle albeit crevassed west slope (UIAA II), which was ascended.

The two-man team of Lyubomir Ivanov and Doychin Vasilev returned from Leslie Hill to Camp Academia on December 28 by a more easterly 14km route crossing Kaliakra Glacier, Yankov Saddle (575m) between Bowles Ridge and Melnik Ridge, then sledding down Struma Glacier to reach Huron Glacier via the pass between Atanasoff Nunatak and Maritsa Peak on the eastern Bowles Ridge. In the process, they made a UIAA II diversion from Yankov Saddle to climb Melnik Peak (696m), the summit of the two km-long Melnik Ridge situated north of the eastern Bowles Ridge. The peak is glaciated except for the precipitous northern slope overlooking Kaliakra Glacier.

Lyubomir Ivanov, Bulgaria

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