South America, Argentina and Chile, Northern Andes, Argentina, Cerro El Cóndor, Addendum

Publication Year: 2005.

Cerro El Cóndor, addendum. On p. 302 of the AAJ 2004, El Cóndor is mentioned in the title of Alexander von Gotz’s report, but we mistakenly deleted his brief mention of their El Cóndor ascent. Von Gotz and companions climbed to the north summit (6,356m or 6,373m, depending on the map; 6,440m on their GPS) of the peak, where they found no trace of previous passage. El Cóndor’s south summit, which maps indicate as being lower, appeared to be clearly higher. This observation supports the assertions of Henri Barret and Marcelo Scanu, who also believe the south summit to be higher. See AAJ 2002, p. 314, for more information.