Asia, Nepal, Peri Himal, Himlung, Ascent

Publication Year: 2004.

Himlung, ascent. A Spanish expedition led by Inigo Loyola made the fourth ascent of Himlung (7,126m) in the Peri Himal. The previous three ascents have all been by the straightforward west ridge (Japanese in 1992; French in 2001 and French again in 2002). However, the Spanish report climbing the northwest face, arriving at the summit in two groups on April 18 and 20. The first party comprised Andoni Etxezarreta and Mitxel Insausti, while the second contained the leader with Ramon Iturrikastillo and Juan Jodar. A broad and relatively gently angled spur rises from the northwest to meet the west ridge close to the summit.

In the autumn seven separate permits were issued for this mountain and the west ridge was successfully climbed by six expeditions.

Elizabeth Hawley, Nepal