Asia, Nepal, Danodar Himal, Gaugiri, Second and Third Ascents by a New Route

Publication Year: 2004.

Gaugiri, second and third ascents by a new route. The 6,110m Gaugiri in upper Mustang, first ascended in 2002 via the southwest ridge by Peter Ackroyd and Jim Frush, as noted above, received second and third ascents in 2003. On September 8, Josep Aced, Adria Font, Francesc Zapater, all from Spain, and Sergi Benet from Andorra reached the summit via the north face to northeast ridge. Later, on the 21st of the month, Kenneth McConnell, Dendi Sherpa, and Ongdi Sherpa made the third ascent of the mountain via the northeast ridge.

Elizabeth Hawley, Nepal