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South America, Argentina, Northern Andes, Citta di Rieti, First Ascent

Citta di Rieti, first ascent. In January 2002 Italians Eliano Pessa and Arnaldo Milesmi, with Argentinean Patricio Cardù (Argentinean Federico Aguero Varela was the expedition’s chief but did not summit), made a first ascent of a virgin mountain north of Cerro Bonete Chico (a volcano, part of the ridge connected to Bonete Chico) in Provincia de la Rioja. They had a difficult approach from Laguna Brava and from there they ascended the 6,200m peak, which they unofficially christened Citta di Rieti. They attempted Bonete Chico but were driven back by fierce winds at 6,550m.

Marcelo Scanu, Buenos Aires, Argentina