South America, Peru, Cordillera Blanca, La Esfinge, Southeast Face, The Furious Gods

Publication Year: 2004.

La Esfinge, southeast face, The Furious Gods. On January 1, 2003 Jeff Beaulieu and Vincent Légaré, of Quebec, Canada, reached the summit of La Esfinge (The Sphinx) by a new route. The Furious Gods (La Colera de los Dioses) (800m, VII 5.10 A4) took 17 days to climb. They placed no bolts on the pitches but 19 at belays. In the topo they left in the Casa de Guías they wrote, “Lots of rockfall. Bring lots of heads and small pitons. Don’t forget a full double set of hooks.” They also wrote, “1st route on the South Face,” but their route is technically on the southeast face. Also, it is the second route on that face (in contrast to the extremely popular east face), with the existing route (ca 800m, UIAA-VI+ A4) established in August 1988 by Antonio Gómez Bohórquez and Iñaki San Vicente.

Compiled with information from the

Casa de GuÍas and Antonio Gómez Bohórquez, Spain