North America, East Greenland, Rignys Bjerg, Numerous First Ascents

Publication Year: 2004.

Rignys Bjerg, numerous first ascents. The eight-member British team of Bob Appleyard, Guy Beaumont, Martin Bohl, Rob Coles, Sean and Sue Dolan, Mike Palmer, and Phillip Smithson chose a previously visited glacier system in the Western Rignys Bjerg Mountains and spent July exploring and climbing in the region. The vast majority of previously climbed peaks lay to the northeast of their landing site, so the team planned to concentrate on the more southerly areas to the east and west of the main glacier system, with particular interest in the high unclimbed peaks of Pt. 2,680m, some distance to the northwest, and both Pts 2,380m and 2,390m (previously referred to as Rignys Bjerg) somewhat nearer to the southeast.

They enjoyed mainly excellent weather during their three week stay in July and were able to complete a climbing bonanza. They ascended a total of 34 peaks up to 2,797m in height, 22 of which were first ascents. The horizontal-strata rock that characterizes this range is poor and mountain ascents are typified by moderate snow and ice routes, or ridge traverses. The expedition was also able to carry out basic geographical and geological survey work in this unmapped area.

Lindsay Griffin, High Mountain INFO