North America, East Greenland, Knud Rasmussen and Liverpool Land, Various Ascents

Publication Year: 2004.

Knud Rasmussen and Liverpool Land, various ascents. In July 2002 Tim Mosedale and companions spent two weeks in Liverpool Land, then flew south to Knud Rasmussen Land. During their exploration of both areas they climbed a total of 15 peaks, of which 10 were first ascents. Difficulties ranged from easy snow plods at F to more interesting day excursions at Alpine AD. The weather in 2002 was unusually bad for this part of Greenland, limiting the amount of climbing achieved. From mid-July to mid-August 2003 Mosedale returned to the Central Knud Rasmussen with five other companions but the outcome of this trip is not known.

Lindsay Griffin, High Mountain INFO