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A.A.C., North Central Section

AAC, North Central Section. The North Central Section continues to progress toward more communication, camaraderie, and interaction with the Club. Major projects for 2002 included further work on the Section Web site, clean-up days at two areas, and communicating with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources regarding closed areas at the most popular climbing destination in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area.

Inter-State State Park lies along the St. Croix River bordering Minnesota and Wisconsin. Because of the river valley, the geological formations are spectacular. The climbs vary from 5.3 to 5.12 and are about 50 feet long. In July of 2001 a large rockfall required closing 40% of the Minnesota side. The Section continues to work with the DNR to plan for the possible reopening of at least part of the area. Five of us had a garbage pick-up day at the park in June that included some climbing and a barbeque.

In July several of us had a clean-up day at Blue Mounds State Park in Luverne, Minnesota, near the South Dakota border. This small park has seen a big increase in climber visits in the last five years.

On October 27 the Omaha members congregated at the University of Nebraska-Omaha for a dinner/slide show, which AAC member Tyson Arp presented on Zion National Park. Organizer Matt Misfeldt also showed slides of a climb of Mt. Baker in Washington. Several non-members were present, and a few joined the Club. This event gave the Club excellent visibility, and it is hoped it will be repeated annually.

Scott Christensen, Chair