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Asia, India, Central Garhwal, Arwa Spires, First Ascents of North Face and the Central and West SummIts

Arwa Spires, first ascents of north face and the central and west summits. The 6,193m-high granite top of the Arwa Spires was first climbed in 2000 by two Scotsmen, Andy and Pete Benson. They reached the East Summit via the east ridge, but three attempts to ascend the north face of the Spires failed. In 2002 three Swiss mountain guides, Bruno Hasler, Stephan Harvey, and Roger Schäli, climbed the north face of the Arwa Spires by two independent routes to the central and west summits. They were the first to reach either of these summits and were nominated for the “Piolet d’Or 2002.” for their two first ascents. See “Arwa Spire” lead story earlier in this Journal for a more complete account.

Harish Kapadia, Honorary Editor, The Himalayan Journal