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South America, Bolivia, Cordillera Quimsa Cruz, Various Ascents and Descents

Various ascents and descents. Wade McKoy, Porter Fox, Hal Thomson, Ptor Spriceneiks, and I found ourselves in the Cordillera Quimsa Cruz last June. A bit of ski mountaineering the main goal. A few peaks bagged. No signs of any other climbers or skiers. Bissell and Ptor on the southeast face of Korichuma (18,200'), rated at 60° but more like between 50° and 55°. Perfectly beautiful, exposed face. An enjoyable solo climb. A bit of ice. Semibreakable crust on the face, but good enough for a ski descent. No falls allowed. Super fun. Chamonix-like spires, emerald-green high alpine lakes, first descents, receding glaciers (like my hairline), and five great friends. Summits with swirling clouds. Laughing uncontrollably with Porter. A four-foot tall, friendly farmer selling us a lamb and potatoes, and us devouring it in an afternoon. Stomach ache. Llama poo fires at night, with Wade shooting star trails. Beautiful. Pretty easy. A paradise indeed.

Also climbed and skied Bitch’s Brew (17,600'), Porter Fox and Bissell Hazen on a mellow, rolling glacier route. Ptor Spriceneiks on Cerro Yaypuri. An exposed, perfect first ski descent. Wade McKoy, Hal Thomson, and Ptor on a nameless peak on the far right of the valley.

Bissell Hazen