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North America, United States, Alaska, Alaska St. Elias Mountains, Goat Glacier, Various Ascents

Goat Glacier, various ascents. U.K. climbers Glenn Wilks, Geoff Hornby, Alistair Duff, and Susie Sammut flew into the upper part of the southwest fork of the Goat Glacier in the Granite Range. This fork had not been explored by climbers from Ultima Thule or A.A.I., who have cleaned up the other forks of the Goat Glacier. We Brits made ascents of the following peaks: Peak 8,110', east face, new route (FA of the peak made previously from the west, by an A.A.I. group), by Wilks, Hornby, and Sammut, June 12; Peak 8,882', first ascent via its southwest ridge, by Hornby and Wilks, June 14; Peak 8,172', first ascent via its west face, by Wilks solo, June 16; Peak 7,791', first ascent via its west face, by Hornby, Sammut, Wilks, and Duff, June 17; Peak 8,351', new route (FA of the peak made previously from the east, by an A.A.I. group) via southwest ridge, Wilks and Sammut, June 19. The only notable occurrence was a visit to base camp by a grizzly, crossing the glacial divide. I guess we smelled too bad, so he kept on going.

Geoff Hornby, Alpine Climbing Group

St. Elias Mountains, ski traverse. A ski traverse through the St. Elias Mountains that culminated in an ascent of Mt. Logan is reported in Climbs and Expeditions under Canada.