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The Arizona Mountaineering Club

The Arizona Mountaineering Club. The AzMC’s membership totaled 518 at year-end 2001. Much of the club’s volunteer administrative effort went into reviewing and updating club policies and guidelines, and considering various risk management issues. The club graduated 81 individuals through its Basic Rock School, 56 through its Anchors and Advanced Ropework School, and 31 through its Lead School. A similar number of “assistant instructors” returned to help teach these courses. In addition, over 20 members took Basic Ice Climbing, and 12 joined club-sponsored multi-pitch ice climbing outings.

The basic snow skills class, Glacier Travel and Crevasse Rescue, was again replete with 20 AzMC’ers hanging over imaginary crevasses, but on real snow achors built by student teams. Other special interest offerings in Map and Compass, Wilderness First Aid, and Basic Survival attracted significant participation.

The club continued its tradition of volunteerism with members spending many hours picking up trash in the Queen Creek area and at the Grand Canyon. Volunteers also helped introduce local Hispanic youth organizations to rock climbing.

The club continues to monitor local access issues and has been involved in the forefront of such issues across Arizona. In the near future the City of Scottsdale is expected to open Pinnacle Peak Park, a mainstay in the portfolio of local granite cragging available under the desert sun.

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