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Asia, Nepal, New Peaks for 2002

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New Peaks for 2002. The Government of Nepal officially announced the opening of 103 additional peaks to foreign expeditions. The announcement came on Christmas Eve 2001 and took effect from March 1, 2002. Unlike the 10 peaks brought on to the list in 1998 (Visit Nepal Year) for a two-year period only, it is reported these new additions will be permanent. Speaking in Kathmandu, Ganesh Raj Karki, Chief of the Mountaineering Department at the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation, said, “This would not only help promote Nepal as the prime destination for mountaineering but also help development of the areas around these mountains.”

Together with the nine peaks added to the list in spring 2001, mountaineers will now be allowed to climb 263 peaks throughout the Nepal Himalaya. Additionally, the Government has substantially eased the financial and administrative burden on many future expeditions by abolishing the need for a Liaison Officer on peaks below 6500m. This means out of the 263 available peaks, from now on only 89 will require an LO.

For a number of years the Expeditions Commission of the UIAA, in its negotiations with the Nepalese authorities, has continually recommended a complete revision of the now outdated LO system in Nepal and advocated an increase the number of permitted peaks. It submitted a selection of proposed new mountains. Many of these now appear in a new list of open peaks, drawn up from recommendations submitted by a study team from the Central Department of Geography, Tribhuvan University, following request by the Government.

An attempt has been made to group these peaks according to the principle ranges or Himals as defined in the Nepal Himalaya Inventory. These groups have been tabled from east to west. However, as no coordinates have been received at the time of writing, it is likely that some of these entries will be out of sequence, particularly those of the rarely visited Damodar Himal, where two Pokhahans of almost equal height are recorded.


Kangchenjunga Region

Kangchenjunga Himal

Talung 7349m

Thaple Shikhar (Cross Peak) 6341m Ramtang Chang 6750m Chang Himal/Ramtang N (Wedge Peak) 6750m Annidesha Himal

Annidesh Chuli 6960m

White Wave 5809m

Merra 6335m

Mojca Peak 6032m

Khumbhakarna Himal

Sobitongje 6670m

Phole 6645m

Kyabura (Khabur) 6332m

Bokta Peak 6143m

Lumba Sumba Peak 5672m

Lumba Samba 5670m

Janak Himal

Lang Chung Kang 6475m

Domekhan (Dome Kang ) 7264m

Janak 7090m

Loshar II (Lashar II) 6860m

Loshar I (Lashar I) 6930m

Dazaney (Dzanye Peak) 6710m

Ghhanyala Hies 6779m

Mdm Peak 6270m

Sat Peak 6220m

Chabuk (Tsajirip) 6960m

Pandra 6850m

Syaokang 5960m

Danga 6355m

Sharphu 4 6433m

Sharphu 1 7070m

Sharphu 2 6154m

Sharphu 3 6885m

Sharphu 5 6328m

Sharphu 6 6076m

Makalu Region

Mahalangar Himal (Makalu-Barun)

Chago 6893m

Pethangtse 6710m

Kyashar 6770m


Khumbu Region

Mahalangur North

Kumbatse (Khumbutse) 6639m

Lintren (Lingtren) 6713m

Machhermo 6273m

Nirekha Peak 6159m

Pharilapcha 6017m

Luza Peak 5726m

Nangpai Gosum 1

(Pasang Lhamu) 7312m

Nangpai Gosum 2 (Cho Aui) 7296m

Nangpai Gosum 3 7110m

Kyazo (Kyajo) Ri 6186m

PalungRi 7012m

Jobo Ribjang 6666m

Mahalangur South

Abi 6097m

Gorkha Himal? 6092m

Chota-Ri 6934m

Amphu I 6840m

Amphu Gyabjen 5647m

Ombigaichen 6340m

Hunku 6119m

Peak-41 6649m

Peak-43 6779m

EkRateDanda 6312m


Rowaling Himal

Pangbuk Ri 6716m

Langmoche Ri 6617m

Tengi Ragi Tau 6948m

Kang Nagchugo (Konyaklemo) 6735m

Bamongo 6400m

Chekigo 6257m

Dingjung Ri 6249m


Langtang Himal

Yubra Himal 6035m

Ganesh Region

Sringi Himal

Tobsar (Tabsar) Peak 6100m

Ganesh Himal

Ganesh VI 6480m

Manaslu Region

Peri Himal

NarPhu 5748m

Himjung (Nemjung?) 7140m

Gyaji Kang 7038m

Panbari 6887m

Tilje 5697m

RatnaChuli 7128m

Manaslu Himal

Larkya Peak 6010m

East Manang Region

Annapurna Himal

Chhubohe Peak 5603 m

West Manang Region

Damodar Himal

Amotsang 6392m

Pokharkan 6346m

Pokharhan 6348m

Gajang 6111m

Chandi Himal? 6096m

Mustang Region

Damodar Himal

Khumjung 6699m

Chhiv Himal 6581m

Jomsom Himal 6581m

Putrung 6466m

Saribung 6346m

Kang Kuru 6320m

Putkhang 6120m

Gauguri 6110m

Arniko Chuli 6039m

Dhaulagiri Region

Dhaulagiri Himal

Hongde 6556m


West Dolpo Region

Kanjiroba Himal

Tso Karpo Kang 6556m

Humla Region

Kanti Himal

Kanti 6859m

Chandi Himal

Changwatnang 6125m

Saipal Region

Gurans Himal (Saipal-Raksha Urai)

Korko 6053m

Khiuri Khala 5806m

Dhaulagi (Dhaulagari) 6632m

Rokapi (Nampa South) 6467m

Roma 5407m

Api Region

Gurans Himal (Yokapahar)

Nampa VII (Yokopahar) 6401m

Nampa III 6618m

Nampa II 6700m

Lhayul Peak 6397m

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