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Asia, Commonwealth of Independent States, Russia, Western Caucasus, Fisht-Pshekhasu Region, Overview

Fisht-Pshekhasu region, overview. This is a wild region with boundless forests, wild animals, and cave plateaus, just 50 km from the Black Sea. Fisht (2864m) is the first mountain in the Western Caucasus where there are glaciers. This region is interesting by its great opportunities for first ascents, and a lot of them are in free climbing style. The western walls of Fisht Mountain and the southwestern face Pshehasu are practically undeveloped by climbers. Elevation of the walls are unknown exactly, but I think they are from 200 to 800 meters. The walls were molded from the lime of the ancient ocean Tetis. Their latitudinal extension is about 15 km. Two of the strongly pronounced peaks are in this panoramic photograph. Pshehasu is at the left and the North Tower of Fisht Mountain is on the right. Meanwhile, the region of Fisht is well known among speleologists because the inside part of the massif is the prototype of Swiss cheese. There are only two tourist huts in the eastern and western sides of this mountain region. But climbers are not so often here.